Copyrighted Art Work of my minor student.

One of the service I offer is tutoring. I offer tutoring for all ages: elementary school to seniors, even 80+. Illustrating this service is some of the original art work a school aged student I tutored did.

The below example the student learned: Finite motor skills of the mouse, thus followed by learning to zoom. These skills were developed using the FOSS program gimp. The student, after introduction to the program, learned basic advantages of color choice & mixing available in gimp. These options are not available in lesser feature rich software that is commonly presented to younger students.

'Dad Pagwin Art Work

At a later time the same student learned to explore more tools available to them by the software. Specifically in this example the paint bucket. This was followed by a supervised to encouragement to utilize their own resources. The student then was introduced to google & youtube to research the "fun" one can have with gimp. All done after a cordinated effort between the student, their parents & myself, of: internet safety, best practices & of internet content filtering.

'My Art Work' Art Work